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EconoSpace Art-Glass Separator

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Clear & Black
100 ft. bundle
20-5 ft. pieces
Per 100 ft bundle

Clear Black & White
100 ft. bundle
20-5 ft. pieces
100 ft bundle
Clear Black & White
60 ft. bundle
12-5 ft. pieces
60 ft bundle
Clear Black & White
60 ft. bundle
12-5 ft. pieces
60 ft bundle
EconoSpace is a neutral pH plastic "peel & stick" type art-glass separator that bonds to the edge of the glass in a picture frame. It is available in 4 sizes from 1/16 inch airspace up to 3/8 inch and most come in clear, black, and white. EconoSpace can be used to frame photographs, watercolors, pastels, any paper art or document.
  • Professional looking - No painting.
  • Neutral pH - No plasticizers - Won't harm fine art.
  • Cuts easily & clean with razor or shears.
  • .005 Inch neutral pH acrylic adhesive. (Adhesive is 250% thicker than the others).
  • Hollow for stiffness & lightness - doesn't tend to sag in the frame.
  • Available in clear, black and white.
  • Both with glossy and matte finished sides.

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