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Wheat Starch Paste the Easy Way

Wheat Starch Paste the Easy Way
Microwave cooking of wheat starch for hinging adhesive
by Kristen Anderson, Abaton, Inc.

For this method you will need a microwave oven, a suitable 4 oz. container, an accurate means of measuring, and a spoon for stirring.

Produces 2 tablespoons wheat starch paste.

1 teaspoon dry wheat starch.
6 teaspoons distilled or deionized water.

  1. Place 6 tsps. Water in 4 oz. Container. Slowly add 1 tsp. Dry wheat starch, stirring until it is completely mixed.
  2. Place uncovered container off center in microwave oven. Cook at medium-high stirring every 10 seconds.
  3. After approximately 30 to 35 seconds of cooking, the paste will thicken and become translucent.
  4. Cover and let stand until cool.

This paste will start to grow mold within a day or two, even in the refrigerator. Some molds are green, blue, pink, orange or clear. Do not risk using moldy paste for hinging.

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Article courtesy of FrameTek™